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In the Event Editor, with a posted event, the invoice number shows like <####>. If you click on the number, the Invoice will open.

Did you know....

Numbers inside of [ ] = Profile Number Numbers inside of { } = Event Number Numbers inside of < > = Invoice #

Modules like TR and MOW have the ability to bill multiple payers for the same event with the split billing option


NesdaTrak facilitates the entry, monitoring, reporting and billing of programs and services offered by community support agencies. The system accommodates all agencies from the smallest to the largest by allowing configurable reports and screens that can provide high levels of customization and even 'new services' tracking when required. Updates are available from the web and are intended to make agencies self-sufficient with their software requirements.

The "Profile" is the focal piece of that information. A profile is information about a client, volunteer, company or doctor. A profile is also information about the programs that a client uses, such as the time a driver is available or particulars on business. In other words a profile is a collection of information about any "Event" you would want to track.

An "Event" is a times interaction with the agency (you). Events are always tracked to completion and include billing. An event can involve only one profile such as delivery of a M.O.W. to individuals that will pay for the meal themselves. An event could also involve multiple profiles, where one profile (client profile) is being driven by another profile (driver profile) and the event is being paid for by a third party (business profile).