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FundTyme Fundraising

The FundTyme Fundraising Add-On to NesdaTrak provides the ability to enter,print and track donations adhering to the rules and guidelines set out by the Canada Revenue Agency(CRA). Charitable receipts and Acknowledgements of donations can be printed in conjunction with customized or general letters of thanks which can accompany the receipt.

Campaigns can be built based on:

  • Prior donations(category, amount, etc.)
  • lists (donors, members, clients, volunteers, paid workers, etc.)
  • Client activity (attendance to programs, usage of services, etc.)
  • Manually building campaigns one person at a time
  • Prior campaigns

With the campaign you can create Custom Letters thus personalizing any donation requests.

Receipts for donations can be processed as a single group receipt, quick receipt, donation in-kind and acknowledgement. FundTyme allows reprinting of receipts which are watermarked 'duplicate receipt'. As well, each receipt can have a custom message (letter) attached.

FundTyme uses the NesdaTrak Statistics Engine to provide reproducible summary and detail reports. There are a large number of predifined statistical calculations but also enables you to refine statistical reports to answer innovation questions.

FundTyme Fundraising Package $405

FundTyme Fundraising Package is included in the Purchase of our Suite and Terminal Services Package.


Our CHA module allows you to pull in CHA and Screener outcome scores to track a client progress.

Practical MIS

Practical MIS lets you transfer financial and statistical information to the ASCII file for the MOH web site submission.
Practical MIS lets you continue to use your existing system by using map to create the MOH GL ASCII file for each submission period.
The initial map is easy to create. The map can be easily updated to reflect any changes to your financial system or to the MOH accounts.
Statistics are sent with your financial submission.
Before your submission is sent, it is verified against your existing financial system.

Visual Phone Call Manager

This feature is an add-on to NesdaTrak that allows users to keep track of phone calls related to or associated with actual events in NesdaTrak. The Visual Phone Call manager allows users to organize phone calls by module and date, drag and drop phone call events between users, as well as assign a priority level to the phone call. Users can also receive notifications of events that are missing information, review potential volunteers and confirm them to an event right into NesdaTrak.

Visual Event Editor

An add-on to NesdaTrak that permits users to keep track of events in a visual chronological time line. Users have the abiity to adjust from a single day to a several week scope to track and modify events from clients and servers. Viewing individuals or sets of servers allows users to keep track of several servers' schedules all at once.
This easy to use interface allows you to drag and drop events from one server to another as well as gives you the ability to cut, copy and paste events from one client/server to another. Users may directly interact with the events properties or adjust the duration of events from this interface.